Whether you are looking to specifically address accessibility and inclusion needs, or you desire a firm that will produce the accessible and inclusive work products you need, Inclusive Emergency Management Consulting (IEMC) has the experience and expertise to assist you.  IEMC works with government, private, and non-profit organizations to develop accessible and inclusive emergency management programs.

What makes IEMC better?

We will give you four (but there are so many more): money, experience, bridging the gap, and building one team.


We do not overcharge simply because we can. Often contractors charge exorbitant fees because high fees has become the norm. We have seen a contractor charge $10,000 for a 5 page report on how to work with the media. Another charged $100,000 to do a poor revision of a shelter plan template, in which they left generic statements such as “This is a good place to consider how you will provide janitorial services”, and conduct a 3 hour exercise. We believe in fiscal responsibility and recognize we are being paid with  taxpayer dollars by government agencies with limited funds. We believe that deserves our respect and conscientiousness. These are our tax dollars, too, and we do not believe in wasting them.


The people who will be working for you have real world experience in emergency management  and response ranging from the local to the federal level. They have written, reviewed, and implemented plans; developed emergency programs; collaborated with government, NGO stakeholders, and elected officials; responded to disaster events; worked in EOCs; and participated in disaster recovery. Our focus is on practical, realistic plans that are more than just a revised template. If you are looking for a team that has boots-on-the-ground experience and knows the frustrations of working with drive-by contractors, IEMC is the team you are looking for.

Bridging the gap

IEMC is the bridge between the emergency management and disability communities. Typically companies and organizations who work in this area are made up entirely of disability advocates with little to no real experience in emergency management and response operations. Our team members are emergency managers with expertise and experience in developing access and functional needs inclusive plans, programs, and services. Our expertise lies in knowing how to bring together the appropriate community stakeholders, understanding the environment within which emergency managers must work, and what we need to accomplish to meet the needs of individuals with disabilities and others with access and functional needs. You do not need just a disability advocate or expert, you need someone who can bridge the gap between the disability community and the emergency management community. IEMC can do that for you.

One team

Here is the real kicker – we want to teach others to do the same thing. We will be thrilled if you never need to hire us again. That might seem counter to our own interests, but we don’t want to keep our expertise to ourselves. More people planning and responding inclusively means more individuals with access and functional needs surviving and remaining safe and healthy after disasters.  One team, one fight. 

Contact us today to discuss how we can assist you with your projects, planning, or operations.

**Please note that IEMC may not be available for projects in Virginia due to conflicts of interest.