Providing equally effective communications is a requirement of ADA Title II but reaching the disability community with information and alerts can be a challenge. The Inclusive Alert Network program (formerly Disability Information and Alert Network -DIAN) provides a tool for emergency managers to quickly provide emergency public information to a large percentage of the disability community by building upon existing networks and provider relationships. with minimal staffing/resources, your jursidiction can better reach those communities with lifesaving information.

To assist with establishing an IAN program in your jurisdiction, IEMC will:

  • Work with you to identify and establish relationships with disability service organizations
  • Provide technical assistance for selecting and implementing communications tools such as email lists, autodialers, and virtual JICs
  • Train your jurisdiction on implementation and maintenance of the program
  • Provide technical assistance and support of exercises involving your IAN program or we can provide a complete exercise program built specifically for your jurisdiction

Click here to review the concept paper created for the Hampton Roads, VA region. Download a printable flyer for the program.

Contact IEMC today to learn how our expertise and tools can assist your agency or jurisdiction in building a IAN program in your community.